It’s been about one month since I relocated from my friends’ suburban home.

The block in the suburbs where I lived with my friends.

Relocation and settling in has gone well.

I moved into my very own micro-flat. It is housing intended for students, so the space is very, very small. It’s almost a dorm room. The micro-flat is in an old building. This means that the windows are drafty. The walls are not sound-proofed. There is no heat or air conditioning, and the laundry room is located somewhere that I have yet to find in the building.

But I love it!

I feel very comfortable living in this micro-space, and to my surprise, my mini-desk has become my preferred place to work.IMG_2292


Top 5 things I love about my micro-flat:

5.  Location! I am in the heart of downtown. Parliament, museums, the park, shops, Long Street’s social hum, trains, buses, taxis, and, most importantly, coffee shops galore, are right on my doorstep.

(Actually, I’ve begun drinking instant coffee at home. Sad, but true.) IMG_2310


My location is also great because I have a clear view of Table Mountain when I am lying in bed. And, though I’m in the heart of the city, there are nights when the smell of the sea wafts into my flat and gives me the sense of living in a cottage on the beach.

View from my flat (when lying on my bed and leaning a little to the left :-))

4.  Security. Before I arrived here, I hoped that whichever apartment I lived in would have a security desk/doorman at the main door. I got my wish. Also, each floor has biometric security access. There’s a sense of safety here.

3.  Utilities (mostly) all included. I hate having several little bills to pay each month for housing related things. Don’t you? Here, water, internet, and satellite television are included in the rent. Since there is no heating, I only pay for electricity. There’s a meter on the wall that shows how much you’ve used and when you need to top up. Nice.


2.  Modern appointments. My micro-flat has poured and polished concrete floors, extra high ceilings, and an industrial looking exposed vent.IMG_2304

It has a granite countertop, long-neck faucet, exposed shelving, plenty of storage and a painted accent wall.

There’s an upmarket feel to this little place.

Bonus: the tv, which is mounted to the wall and can be viewed wherever I am in the flat (yes, I’ve succumbed to tv watching), doubles as a large monitor for my laptop! I usually have two computer screens going at once. I am a Boss!


And the No. 1 thing that I love about this particular flat:

The Cleaning Lady! Since I was but a wee lass, forced to do my share of chores at home, I have dreamed of having a cleaning lady. I never thought I would have one in South Africa, but cleaning, every 7 to 10 days, comes with the apartment!

A) It’s like 1950s America here–Black women clean. Since jobs are scarce, though, this is considered a win-win situation. B) My micro-flat is in housing meant for students. Students can be very busy, somewhat lazy, and perfectly willing to live in filth messy flats. But messy flats create the kinds of problems that significantly diminish property value. The owner is apparently taking smart precautions! Having our flats cleaned is not optional.

Truthfully, my micro-flat is so small that even a little messiness overwhelms the living space. I have to keep things neat in order to function here. So, though I do not really need a cleaning lady, how wonderful it is to have someone come in and take care of my bathroom and mop my floor!

My lease runs until August. Hopefully I’m still feeling the love when it’s time to renew.

Number of Protests/Marches Seen From My Flat in Past 30 days:


Research Accomplishments To Date:


Dissertation—Topic identified! The general subject of focus is protest, violence and Just War Theory. Proposal in very rough draft form.

Submitted—1 Article, 2 Paper proposals

Attended—1 Conference (Societas Homileticas–International Society of Professors of Preaching), 2 on-campus lectures (Alan Boesek and Grant Ward), 2 Center for Conflict Resolution Public Discussions

Working on–Church Conference workshop proposal on Protest and the Church

Random New Thing:

I’m learning to run. Radical fitness measures are required since sitting at my desk for most of the day, alone with snacks, has wreaked havoc on my body.


I arrived in January and now April is just about here. So far, so good.

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